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Island 6000

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Island 6000

by Lindsay Elms

The following is a list of summits on Vancouver Island over 6000 feet (1829 metres) known as the Island 6000. The heights vary, in some cases significantly, from previous published works (Philip Stone's Island Alpine and the Vancouver Island section of the Alpine Club of Canada's annual The Bushwhackers). Nearly all of the recorded heights have come from the early surveyor's readings from the 1930's which throughout the years have been corroborated by more recent surveys.

1 The Golden Hinde 2197 7208
2 Elkhorn Mountain 2166 7106
3 Victoria Peak 2163 7096
4 Mount Colonel Foster 2135 7005
5 Rambler Peak 2105 6906
6 Mount Albert Edward 2093 6867
7 Mount McBride 2081 6827
8 The Comb* (GR 017055#) 92F/12 High point 1 km north of the Golden Hinde 2069 6788
9 Kings Peak 2065 6775
10 Rees Ridge (Mount Celeste*) 2045 6709
11 Mount Filberg 2035 6676
12 The Red Pillar 2034 6673
13 Mount Cobb 2030 6660
14 The Behinde 2018 6621
15 Rambler Junior 2012 6601
16 Mount Harmston 2009 6591
17 Argus Mountain 1994 6542
18 Elkhorn South 1989 6526
19 Iceberg Peak 1987 6519
20 Alexandra Peak 1983 6506
21 El Piveto Mountain 1980 6496
22 Mount Regan 1975 6480
23 Warden Peak 1969 6460
24 Mount Rosseau 1968 6457
25 Comox Glacier 1963 6440
26 Mount Frink 1948 6391
27 Mount Haig Brown 1948 6391
28 Mount Septimus 1948 6391
29 Shepherds Ridge* (GR 219916#) 92F/11 Highest point on Shepherds Ridge 1945 6381
30 Peak 1931* (GR 253015#) 92F/11 High point .5 km south of Mount George V 1931 6335
31 Golden Hinde NW* (GR 013063#) 92F/12 High point 1 km northwest of The Comb 1922 6305
32 The Misthorns 1917 6289
33 Shepherds Horn* (GR 233905#) 92F/11 High point 1 km southeast of Shepherds Ridge 1917 6289
34 Peak 1909* (GR 251998#) 92F/11 High point 2.5 km south of Mount George V 1909 6263
35 Mount George V 1884 6181
36 Tzela Mountain* (GR 250912#) 92F/11 High point 2 km north of Tzela Lake 1884 6181
37 Margaret Peak* (GR 197828#) 92F/6 High peak southeast of the Misthorns 1870 6135
38 Mount Adrian 1869 6132
39 Mount Schoen 1862 6109
40 Sutton Peak 1862 6109
41 Rugged Mountain 1862 6109
42 Siokum Mountain* (GR251977#) 92F/11 High point 600m north of Ink Lake 1860 6102
43 Big Interior Mountain 1857 6092
44 Syd Watts Peak 1856 6089
45 Sid Williams Peak* (GR 209026#) 92F/11 High peak south of Syd Watts Peak 1849 6066
46 Nine Peaks 1847 6060
47 Crown Mountain 1846 6056
48 Mount Mitchell 1842 6.043
49 Slocomb Peak* (GR 944135#) 92F/12 High point between Elk Pass and Mount Colonel Foster 1840 6037
50 Augerpoint Mountain 1839 6033
51 Matchlee Mountain 1834 6018
52 Morrison Spire* (GR 075072#) 92F/12 High pointed spire above Marble Meadows 1830 6004
53 Jutland Mountain 1830 6004

* Denote unofficial names but recognized by many in the climbing community. See Island Alpine: A Guide to the Mountains of Strathcona Park and Vancouver Island by Philip Stone.

# All six-figure grid references are from the corresponding 1:50000 Topographic maps.

Those mountains highlighted in red indicate that they have received a winter ascent. There may be others mountains that have seen a winter ascent but until that information becomes known they will remain unclimbed.

With any list, there is going to be discussions about what should or shouldn't be included. Island 6000 is no exception. Island 6000 has not included the 5 sub-peaks on Mount Colonel Foster, which are all over 6000 feet, and the slightly lower west peak of Crown Mountain. However, most people who climb Crown Mountain usually climb both summits anyway. Nine Peaks, which as its name suggests, has nine summits or bumps on its summit ridge. Only the highest has been included in Island 6000 although some of the lesser peaks may be over 6000 feet. Some will argue about the inclusion of Rambler Junior. Since the 1960's, climbers have hiked to the head of the Elk River to specifically climb this spire. Why? Because it is a stunning natural feature when viewed from many angles and because it is a challenging climb in itself. Rambler Junior could be compared to The Helmet on Mount Robson. Mount McBride has two cairned summits, only a short distance apart, that appear identical in height, and the Misthorns also has two other slightly lower summits to the west. The Behinde has a slightly lower east summit, but those few who climb the main summit usually go over the east summit first. El Piveto Mountain also has two other summits that may be over 6000 feet as does Big Interior Mountain. Finally, there are two other peaks that have been under discussion and they are The Comb and the Golden Hinde NW. The Comb is 1 kilometre away from the Golden Hinde, and the Golden Hinde NW is 1 kilometre away from The Comb. Some consider them sub-peaks of the Golden Hinde, however, both have significant prominences between each other, enough to almost be considered individual peaks (another debate for the future). So, after much discussion, the current list of 53 peaks, is generally accepted by the Island's climbing community, however, there is no reason not to climb all those sub-peaks in question if one chooses. Climbing the Island 6000 is a personal goal for those who want the challenge.

Island 6000 Compleatists :
Charles Turner - climbed 42 peaks when that was the consider number of 6000 foot peaks (although he probably climbed many of the remaining peaks before passing away.)
Aaron Smeeth - 2008
Lindsay Elms - 2014
Valerie Wootton - 2016

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