Island Stories:

newDanzig Mine
newZeballos Iron Mine
newConuma Peak 1910
Alexandra Peak
Argus Mountain
Bate/Alava Sanctuary
Beaufort Range
Big Interior Mtn
Big Interior Mtn 1913
Part 1
Part 2
Bolton Expedition 1896
Cliffe Glacier
Clinton Wood
Comox Glacier
Comox Glacier 1922
Comox Glacier 1925
Comstock Mtn
Conuma Peak
Copper King Mine
Crown Mtn
Elkhorn 1912
Elkhorn 1949
Elkhorn 1968
Eugene Croteau
Golden Bullets
Golden Hinde 1913/14
Golden Hinde 1937
Golden Hinde 1983
Harry Winstone Tragedy
Jack Mitchell
Jim Mitchell Tragedy
John Buttle
Judges Route
Koksilah's Silver Mine
Landslide Lake
Mackenzie Range
Malaspina Peak
Mariner Mtn
Marjories Load
Matchlee Mountain
Mount McQuillan
Mt. Albert Edward
Mt. Albert Edward 1927
Mt. Albert Edward 1938
Mt. Becher
Mt. Benson 1913
Mt. Benson
Mt. Doogie Dowler
Mt. Colonel Foster
Mt. Hayes/Thistle Claim
Mt. Maxwell
Mt. Sicker
Mt. Tzouhalem
Mt. Whymper
Muqin/Brooks Peninsula
Nine Peaks
Ralph Rosseau 1947
Rosseau Chalet
Ralph Rosseau Tragedy
Rambler Peak
Red Pillar
Rex Gibson Tragedy
Sid's Cabin
Steamboat Mtn
Strathcona Park 1980's
The Misthorns
The Unwild Side
Victoria Peak
Waterloo Mountain 1865
Wheaton Hut/Marble Meadows
William DeVoe
Woss Lake
You Creek Mine
Zeballos Peak

Other Stories:
Sierra de los Tuxtlas
Cerro del Tepozteco
Mt. Roraima
Nevada Alpamayo
Nevada del Tolima
Nevado de Toluca
Pico Bolivar
Uluru/Ayers Rock
Volcan Purace
Volcan San Jose

Island 6000

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The following are brief biographies of some of the people associated with the early exploration of Vancouver Island. Maybe not directly involved with the actual "hands-on" exploration some of the people played an influential role in creating the incentive for others to get out into the field, and in many cases endure extreme hardships. There will also be biographies of some of the climbers who visited the island's mountains and surveyors who mapped the mountains. Some are international mountaineers while others are well-known Canadians who came to Vancouver Island specifically with one or two objectives in mind. There are also a few who were not noted for mountaineering but their international business savvy, however, they did visit and climb on the island and leave their mark. Others are local mountaineers whose achievements over the years have played an important role in exploring "up-close" the mountains that the island has to offer.

A new addition are the biographies of some of the Spaniards who explored the west coast of North America in the late 18th century. Most of them visted Nootka Sound where the Spanish were looking at establishing a base, however, with the signing of the Nootka Convention in 1792 the Spanish left the area and only their names remain on some of the local geographical features.

These biographies hopefully will give a sense of who the mountains on Vancouver Island attract, maybe their reasons for climbing and some background knowledge of those whose names are associated with the history of the mountains. For many it brings alive the history when something more than just their name is known.

Alston, Edward Gillies, David  
Aston, James Greer, Richard Neave, Ferris
Bajan, Joe Gregson, Jack Paine, Raymond
Barner, Chris Guilbride, Patrick Pemberton, Joseph
Berkeley, Cyril Hankin, Philip Pearse, Theed
Bitterlich, Adolf Hart, A. Perry, Bill
Blinkhorn, Thomas Holmes, William Pinder, William
Bolton, William Horne, Adam Ricker, Karl
Briggs, Sandy Hutchinson, Ralph Robertson, Francis
Brown, John Idiens, Dick Robertson, James
Brown, Robert Jackson, George Rosseau, Ralph
Campbell, Alan Johnson, Frank Rossiter, Len
Capes, Geoffrey Johnson, Rick Rydeen, Paul
Cokely, Leroy Kennedy, Arthur Schjelderup, Roger
Corry Wood, John King, Mike Sivewright, James
Cowlin, John Kinney, George Slocomb, Alfred
Crease, Lindley Laing, John Smeeton, Miles
Culbert, Dick Lash, Mallory Smith, John
DeBeaux, Robert Latilla, Herbert Smythe, Gerta
De Cosmos, Amor Leech, Peter Stanier, Roger
Douglas, James Leighton, Arthur Starr, Paul
Ellison, Myra MacCarthy, Albert Stewart, Norman
Ellison, Price MacDonald, Ranald Sutherland, Jock
Eppler, Rick Macdonald, Rob Tustin, Bob
Facer, Ron Masters, Ruth Waddington, Alfred
Feilding, Marjorie McBride, Richard Walsh, Mike
Feilding, Rudolph McCurdy, Arthur Waters, John
Franklin, Lumely Moffat, William Wheeler, Edward
Franklin, Selim Morod, Andy Whymper, Frederick
Frind, Herbert Munday, Don Williams, Sid
Gale, Henry Munday, Phyllis Wilson, L.
Gibson, Rex Nash, Charley Winstone, Harry

Spanish Explorers associated with Nootka Sound

Map of Clayoquot Sound from 1791

Alberni, Pedro de Bodega y Quadra, Juan Francisco de la Caamaño, Jacinto
Cardero, José Carrasco, Juan Cevallos, Ciriaco
Eliza, Francisco de Fidalgo, Salvador Heceta, Bruno de
Galiano, Dionisio Alcalá Haro, Gonzalo de Malaspina, Alessandro
Martínez , Esteban Jose Mourelle, Francisco Antonio Moziño, José Mariano
Narvaez, Jose Maria Pérez, Juan José Quimper, Manuel
Suría, Tomás de Valdés, Cayetano  

Vancouver Island section of the ACC Chairpersons

1912 - 1915 Foster, William 1916 - 1922 McCaw, Robert
1923 Westmorland, Horace 1924 - 1927 Dougan, William
1928 - 1933 Wheeler, Arthur 1934 - 1941 Harrison, Claude
1942 - 1945 none 1946 - 1953 Mitchell, Mark
1954 - 1956 Lash, Bill 1957 - 1958 Lax, Noel
1959 - 1960 Goodall, Edward 1961 Lash, Bill
1962 Hyslop, Clifton 1963 - 1964 Sherman, Paddy
1965 Lax, Noel 1966 - 1967 Godfrey, Dudley
1968 - 1969 Lash, Bill 1970 - 1972 Watts, Syd
1973 Neave, Roger 1974 Gibson, John
1975 - 1976 Parker, Gil 1977 - 1978 Latter, Walter
1979 - 1980 Sampson, Mike 1981 - 1983 Hartmann, Karel
1984 Pratt, John 1985 - 1986 Money, Brian
1987 - 1988 Berryman, Don 1989 - 1996 Brown, Ian
1997 - 2000 Ebendinger, Claire 2001 - 2004 Hall, Tom
2005 - 2007 Thomson, Julie 2008 - 2012 Zala, Cedric
2013 - 2014 Rick Hudson 2014 Mike Hubbard



This list is not definitive and will continue to be up-dated periodically.


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